Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'll Just Make One Myself

I've been searching for a watch. Yes, I do frequently just use my phone or ipod as my clock, but I'd rather have a watch. Especially when I'm doing observational research at the edge of the touch pool and the aquarium and there are rambunctious children around. That just has "ends badly" written across it.

I've tried on several watches. I've tried on metal bands and leather bands (no plastic bands!). I've tried on smaller watches and larger watches. *sigh* I hate them all. The men's watches are too big, and the women's watches are somehow insipid to me. And all the bands either pinch or itch or's bad all around.

I've come to the decision that I'm going to have to make my own (non-insipid) watch. I can get watch faces of various shapes and sizes at the bead store in town. I'm thinking of knitting the band in a wider cuff style, and having an overlay bead strap. That way I have sparkle without the irritation of the beads right against my skin. I'm going to use a nice plant fiber yarn so that it's cool in the summer (probably cotton or bamboo).

Of course, I'll probably be done with my touch pool observations before I get around to making a watch band, so don't hold your breath.

I do have crafty news with pictures. I finished my first plied bobbin of the brown alpaca that was a gift from a spinning buddy. It's mostly sport weight, and I have tons more roving to spin.

I used my swift for the first time when I wound the yarn off the bobbin. I wish I'd remembered to take a photo of the full bobbin. I filled it so full I thought it was going to explode!

I soaked it last night and hung it outside to dry this morning, and it's well balanced and ready to be added to the yarn stash.

In that last picture you can see the shawl that I bought this weekend at the clothing consignment shop downtown. It was on clearance. It's a lovely, lightweight cotton, and the dots that form the flowers have been individually tied before the shawl was dyed. It's going to be lovely to wear this summer.

Alright, it's time for me to find a snack and start to wind down for the night. Until next time...

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