Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Pictures Please!

This post is in response to a request for my pictures of the Dread Pirate Roberts. Seeing as I'm totally smitten, I'm only too happy to oblige.

He'll just flop over and fall asleep. He is a long kitty, too.

I have to be careful where I leave my glasses, too, because apparently they are fun to lay on. Also, for the record, his tail just lay in that position for as long as he was on my glasses. It's like he's never quite sure of what to do with his tail.

He really likes sleeping on the bed. I flipped the covers back the other evening in preparation for bedtime, turned around to brush my teeth, and when I turned back I found this!!! Where am I supposed to sleep?

Sleeping with Westley has been fun, but I found myself getting much too hot at night with my winter sheets, comforter, and bed monster. So on Sunday I stripped the bed, took off the duvet cover for washing, and put on my summer sheets. I put out my brown blanket so that Westley would have something soft to sleep on, should he choose to.

Well, when it came time to put the cover back on the duvet and the duvet back on the bed...

I didn't have the heart to disturb his nap. He looked so happy and relaxed.

The bed isn't the only place where he lays, though.

He's decided that the computer chair is the place to be, especially when I get up to freshen my tea. Cheeky cat.

I also have a surprise that is not cat related.

The Hot Pink and Vintage sweater is FINISHED!!!!!!!

Well, there still aren't any buttons on it, but I haven't decided which buttons I want, and button decisions for a cardigan of this magnitude shouldn't be rushed. It is quite wearable without buttons (I'm wearing it today) and it fits perfectly. I'm trash at self portraiture, however, so pictures of my wearing the sweater will have to wait.

Westley has settled in for his afternoon nap, which gives me time to make lunch before I have to leave for class.

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