Monday, May 31, 2010

The Continuing Story

Of the Dread Pirate Roberts (aka Westley).

It has been non-stop fun here at chez Whale Daughter, thanks to Westley. Even as I type this I have to get up to rescue toys and interact with my little bundle of energy. He's talking away, chasing his ball and hunting ants and trying to convince me that he needs second supper.

One of Westley's favorite "toys" is his Trader Joe bag (we're on the third bag now).

This is his second bag, which was retired shortly after these pictures. We both play with the bag. I'll put one of his jingle balls in the bag and Wes chases it around the floor, attacking the bag until the ball comes out.

He'll also hid in the bag and attack out of it. Sneaky cat.

This is why this bag got retired. It wasn't much of a bag anymore.

A job well done. Pirates love destruction.

We've been on a couple of outings, and mellow man is a great traveler. I'm counting on this, because we are BOTH flying down to Texas for my brother's wedding. He loves his carrier, and chills during car trips.

I've been busy, too. Remember that fabric I got at Fabric Depot? Well, I got the pattern for it (Vogue 8571) and finally decided to start working on it this past Friday so that I can have it for my Texas trip.

Westley decided I needed help with my sewing.

This was the calmest helping I got. It was So Much Fun to wait until I'd gotten the fabric laid out, flat and lined up, and then ATTACK from under the bed, rumpling the fabric into a big pile. This was especially fun when I was pinning pattern pieces to the fabric. This help lasted for the entire time I was cutting out the patter pieces (despite my many attempts at attention relocation). Then, when I was done, what do I find?

"My job here is done." Rascal.

Yesterday I worked on my dress (with only one mishap, where I ironed the interfacing to the right side of one of the yoke pieces) until I ran out of brown thread. I biked over to JoAnn's today, resupplied on thread, and would have worked more on my dress if I hadn't taken a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon. Maybe I'll work on it tomorrow.

I've also been knitting, and have 3/4 pair of socks done, but I haven't yet taken a picture. I'm using the Positive Purple Panda Soy that I got on my birthday yarn trip to Woodland Woolworks. I got the first sock done in 6 days, and should have the second sock done in a similar time frame. I'm already starting to think about my next project, which will be a sweater from stash yarn.

That's all from me for today. Despite my nap I'm still tired. I'm going to work on my sock for a little bit and then crawl into bed with my pirate. Thanks for joining me for another Day in the Life.

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