Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh what a day...

Ok, so, I want to start and end this particular post with happy, positive news. I'm going to start with an update on my Hot Pink and Vintage cardigan.

That's three whole pieces, the entire body of the cardigan. YAYYYY!!!! And, just today I finished the first sleeve and cast on the second sleeve. It took about a week for the first sleeve, so I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is this cardigan. I should get it done just in time to be stored away for the summer.

My next sweater is going to be knit on at least size 7 US needles. I will knit sweaters on 2s and 3s in the future. Just not the immediate future.

Now on to the saga that prompted the title of this post. This particular day was primarily yesterday, but it's bleeding over into today and tomorrow.

This all started weeks ago when I got tired of my leaky shower and emailed my landlord. He contacted a plumber, and after a couple of false starts he finally got here yesterday. In a normal situation, this would have been fairly simple. Take the faucet apart, replace the gasket or equivalent, put the faucet back together, done.

*Sigh* Things just can't be simple around here. I'll let the pictures tell the story (for the most part).

What you're not seeing in these pictures is the three times the pipe joins failed when the water got turned back on. You're not seeing the water inside the wall. You're not seeing the muddy drywall dust tracked through my apartment. You're not seeing the continuing leak. You're not seeing the rotten water pressure. So the plumber is coming back out tomorrow.

Oh, and the hole (which is about 13"x13") won't be fixed for a while because Jesse wants to get home and have his buddy do the drywall work.

So, I want to end this post on an up note. Today I went to Portland with a friend of mine. We went to the Yarn Garden first. I ended up with a skein of yarn:

It's 100% mercerized cotton fingering weight, and will be a lovely summer shawl.

I also got a Norah Gaughan pattern booklet (vol. 2 from spring/summer 2008) and a package of coil-less safety pins.

Then we meandered our way over to the Fabric Depot. I was going to be strong and not buy fabric, but totally caved.

This is a lovely summer weight cotton blend knit, and I got 1.75 yards at 50% off (end price was $6.56). It's also 60 inches wide. This is going to be a lovely, simple summer dress. And possibly a skirt, since I seem to have quite a bit.

I also got some brown bias tape to finish my modified sweatshirt. It's on the list for this week, since my May ASG meeting is coming up and I want to show it off.

Finally, at the register I picked up two fat quarters for a small take-along knitting bag.

The light blue will be the lining. I love batiks.

Well, that's all I have to report for today. I'm pretty tired from the exciting day and my hour walk I took this evening, so I think I'm going to crawl in bed and read for a little while.

Talk to you all again soon.

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