Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking Rules

Generally, I have a strict rule against doing schoolwork in bed. It dates from my time in the dorms during my undergraduate. The desk was for homework, the bed was for relaxing. This rule has served me well as a graduate student, too, since my apartment is smaller than my old dorm room and my bed more appealing than what I slept on in those days. I can read at my desk, in my "living room" chair, or at my office on campus. The bed is off limits.

Turns out that rule becomes void after about 11pm. Here I am, on Wednesday at 12:19am (Happy Birthday to me) with my netbook and my scribbled field notes from yesterday's trip to the coast.

I've been ill since last Thursday (there was a memo). By Saturday I almost felt like a real person again. It all went south on Sunday, when I napped for 2 hours and watched TV from my bed for most of the rest of it. Yesterday I was wiped by the time I got home from the coast (though to be fair I'd been gone from 9:30-5:00) and spent the evening watching TV in bed. Today I had trouble getting up. I managed a few errands, a grand total of 2 hours where I traveled a mile from home and back. That did me in, and I ended up napping again for 2 hours. Even after that I was groggy and fuzzy headed. I figured I'd sleep like a rock tonight.

Wrong. I'm so freaking wide awake I'm considering getting dressed and going to the 24 hour diner. Ok, not really, cause pajamas are too comfortable, but I'm much to awake to sleep. Trust me, I tried. So I'm up, and I've got my field notes and my netbook, and I'm going to try to make some headway in my homework. All of my napping has me behind, so I guess I have to do this when I'm awake, regardless of what the sun (or common sense) would usually dictate.

So, sorry if that seems a little rambly, but I don't do my best thinking at 12:25 in the morning (Happy Birthday to me). Next time I promise to blog about something fun. No really, there's going to be ducks.

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