Thursday, April 8, 2010


I hate being sick. I managed to go all of last year as a healthy individual. Now twice in 2010 I've been struck low by a sub-microscopic invader.

This time I have a Horrible Virus that has attacked my throat. I thought it was strep throat it hurts so bad. But the doctor reports that there are no strep organisms in my throat, but there is a virus running around causing these symptoms.

I'm not sapped of strength, but I do have a serious lack of will to do anything besides just laying here. Everything I do hurts, even moving my head around, and it stays nice and still while I'm propped here in bed.

I'm going to continue to lie here, watching the last three episodes of The West Wing: Season 3, and indulge in a small little pitty party about being sick. I'm feeling especially isolated because I can't talk. That means no talks on the phone. No chats with friends. It's lonely here in Whale Daughter country.


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