Monday, September 21, 2009

Veni Vidi Knitty

Yesterday afternoon, I snipped off the last little bit of yarn from woven in ends on my braided pullover.

I still need to give it a good final blocking to settle the shoulder seams, but it does fit and it looks nice. Summer is giving a final push right now, though, so it's a little too warm for me to model it for pictures right now.

With this sweater being done, I found myself in need of a new knitting project (the scarf that never ends is in a time out for being never ending). I decided that I should use some of the yarn that I've rescued from Goodwill sweaters. I got out the four balls of yarn that used to be a Charter Club pullover. It was a size XL, so I have plenty of yarn for sweater. The fiber content is 46% wool, 28% rayon, 16% angora rabbit, and 10% cashmere. It's also hot pink :-).

The yarn swatched up perfectly for the Vintage Pink Cardigan from the spring 2005 Interweave Knits.

I had a few reservations about knitting a sweater on size 3 (US) needles. But, life is meant for challenges. Also, unlike the Braided Cable Pullover I don't have to mark down every single row that I work except for the right front piece. Once I get past the 2.5 inches of ribbing at the bottom the bulk of the knitting is miles and miles of stockingnette stitches. Perfect for evening movie knitting after a long day of studying.

So far, I'm still working through the ribbing for the back piece.

The Muppet Movie is coming from Netflix today. A hot pink vintage inspired cardigan seems like excellent muppet knitting.

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  1. The braided pullover looks fab and I am sure that the Vintage Jumper will look just as good