Sunday, November 15, 2009

So Good

I finally managed to finish a project! I got the earflap hat (lovingly named "!@#$%^& hat" on Ravelry) done today, ends all woven in and steam blocked.

I like how the yarn knit up in a stripey pattern. The yarn is red, blue and yellow, but with the double stranding I ended up with a "green" section and a few spots that look "orange." I would love to work with this yarn again and make something for myself.

In other news, I also have progress pictures of my Hot Pink and Vintage sweater. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the front right section of the sweater. It goes quickly when I actually work on it, but it will sit idle for days so this sweater is really taking longer than in should.

I'm really liking how the cabled button band is knitting up, even if the 12 stitch cable is a bit arduous to execute. The yarn is also knitting up wonderfully well, I think it was just the right pick for this sweater.

In other yarn related news, I finally broke down and got a big clear plastic bin to corral the yarn that doesn't fit in my hanging organizer, storage ottoman, or in my "wall of yarn" decoration. My yarn stash has gone from looking like this:

(It's not just my yarn stash, but also where I keep my mending and some random fabric that I end up with.)

To this:

Not all of the yarn fit in the box (obviously) but at least it's nice and neat, now. If I'd just get out my sewing machine I could drastically clean this up, since most of the mending is easy stuff, like hemming or easy seam mending. Also, that plastic bag has an empty shoebox that I need to deconstruct and put in the recycle.

Now it's time to go warm up dinner. I'm having tacos, which is all part of a Day in the Life.

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