Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Spare Moment

I had my first exam today in evolution, and it was all of 50 multiple choice questions in a subject I'm familiar with, so I've got a few spare minutes on my hands, and thought I come by and photo spam.

Abbie riding in my new purse, which has special Kiwi pockets.

Abbie playing Angry Birds with me on Google+ while on shift in the computer lab.

This is Napoleon, the nervous narwhal, with me at work waiting to go to his forever home...

...which is Stash! Napoleon was done as a sample knit for Simplicity by Hikko yarn, and pattern by Danger Crafts.

This is a neat art display in the new Linus Pauling building on campus, which had it's grand opening last Friday.

This is, apparently, how fried pickles are done in the PNW. They were pretty good, if not what I was expecting. Done with house made pickles, too.

And finally, Abbie helped me with my evolution exam. It's a good thing, too, because there were some questions about Kiwis and their kin. Don't worry, the TA said it wasn't cheating to have a Kiwi's help.

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