Monday, October 10, 2011

Abbie at Stash

Last week Abbie and I got to go to a pre-opening party at Stash, the new hip place for yarn in town. Stash officially opens this coming Thursday, October 13th. At the party, Abbie was a typical celebrity kiwi and demanded quite a bit of attention, and of course she wanted to see everything and I documented it. So, without further ado, here's a photo collection of Abbie's time at Stash.

The front doors, which look promising.

Welcome to Stash!

Hey look, refreshments.

What a pretty way to see and feel spinning fiber. Can you spot Abbie?

There's a lovely big mirror that makes the small store feel big.

Abbie would like to travel in style in this bag, instead of in my pocket.

Camouflage Abbie!

More little nibbles. Abbie's got quite the sweet beak.

More fun ways to display merchandise, this time locally made buttons.

Here's Peaceful Knitter, the lovely owner of Stash.

There's even an old spinning wheel (non-functional but pretty).

There's knitters in Stash (no Abbie, she was taking a short powder break).

The decorative elements in Stash are truly lovely and inspired.

After all that, Abbie needed a cupcake and some punch, and then she fell asleep in my knitting bag.

We can't wait to go back and visit Stash after it's opened!

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