Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Getting Busy

Sorry I missed last week's post. Things are starting to heat up around here, some things fell through the cracks.

I have two important announcements.

1) I have a set date for my thesis defense: Monday, April 25th.

2) I'm moving! Move date is set for March 26th. My new place is about half again as big as this little studio, and it has a separate bedroom, a real kitchen, and a SINK in the bathroom. I'm very excited, but moving out of a place this small is presenting some challenges.

These two things together have me in a near petrified brain state of "way too much" which is why some things have slipped. But I've got a list this week, I'm feeling energized (cleaning the kitchen last night helped) and I'm ready to do this thing.

I do have pictures for you, though, so don't despair. First up, an update on my WsIP. First off is the long anticipated (by me) Whale Watch Hat from New England Knits. I've made some progress on it since this picture, but you get the idea.

I'm using Louet Gems fingering. It is a very fun knit, and all of my floats along the back are just right to not pucker the knitting but not be loose and sloppy.

Next up is the start of my Summer Vest (ravelry link). I like this one for the shape, so I've ditched the lace and am working plain stocking stitch since my yarn is variegated. The yarn is Cotton Twirl by Crystal Palace Yarns (the same stuff in the last actual blog post).

The next series of pictures are my goodies from the Portland Yarn Crawl (whose website has mysteriously disappeared).

And finally, I'll leave you with a series of pictures of Westley helping to open a package that I got in the mail. He's such a good helper. I'm off to finish the results section of my thesis. Hope you're enjoying the start of spring, and stayed tuned for another day in the life.

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