Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Been Quiet

I don't have a whole lot to show today, due in large part to the migraine I had last week that knocked me out for days.

First, I've finished half of my Camilla mitts.

I'm pleased with the actual knitting and the colors of both the Koigu and my hand dyed brown. Unfortunately, it's too big for my hand.

It is especially baggy at my wrist. I'm considering several possibilities, the top one is finishing the pair and gifting them to someone with larger hands. Who knows, though, blocking may help if I stretch them a little lengthwise. The other option is to knit the second one on US 0 needles and see if that fits better, and if yes, re-knit the first one. I'm not as fond of this option.

Second, I started a new project last Tuesday because I needed a simple project on large-ish needles for my headachey-migraine state. I chose the eternalism vest from KnitScene winter/spring 2011. I'm using my Malabrigo in Hummingbird. This is a remarkably quick knit. In less than a week I'm more than 50% done. I've gotten several inches further from when I took this picture, which was just a few hours ago.

The Malabrigo is wonderful to knit with. I found it's extraordinary softness very comforting last week in my semi-vegetative state.

My final crafty item is some pictures of my painting. Below is the color wheel that I painted, for which I mixed all of the tertiary colors.

Last night I was feeling fairly abstract, so I put that impulse into my first abstract painting.

My photograph doesn't do this painting justice, but it gives you an idea of my mental state.

Other than a little bit of knitting and an abstract painting, the only news I have is that Westley has been officially tagged. We went to the bet today and he got microchipped. I'll be sending out the registration paperwork tomorrow. I'm off now to wash dishes, which piled up alarmingly last week.

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