Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update Pt.1: Yarn

I'm a bad blogger. It's been a month since my last post, and I'm very sorry. Yes, there was a time of busy, a time of crazy, and a time of exhaustion, but that was done about 2 weeks ago and the rest has just been laziness. So today I put "Blog Entry" on my to do list, so here I am. And since it has been such a long time, I've decided to break the update up into more than one part, more for my sanity than anything else.

For anyone who is wondering, Westley slept on the plane from Phoenix to Austin, which means he was well rested for a night of not sleeping, which means I didn't sleep well, either. Come to think of it, I didn't really sleep well any of the nights I was away from home, which probably contributed to the week of sleep I indulged in when I got home.

The wedding was nice. I sewed my own bridesmaid dress, fixed the other four bridesmaid dresses the day of the wedding, ate yummy BBQ and groom cake (which I also made), and thought all sorts of nasty thoughts about the family of chimney swifts living in the chimney of the cabin.

Sadly, the wedding coincided with Black Sheep Gathering up here, so I had to miss the fun (and the cool weather). I didn't miss out on awesome yarn stashing, though. On Saturday (the 19th) Mom and I went to a little shop where yarn is one dollar per ball (you read that right) and I laid in some serious stash.

1 ball black cashmerino aran

at least 2 balls green cashmerino aran (the lot was $1 since some of it is knit up, which won't stop me).
1 ball grey cashmerino aran (which mysteriously flipped when it uploaded)
2 balls goldenrod 1824 Mission Falls Wool. I'll probably overdye this so that it's a green color.
1 ball Temptation (which is aptly named, it's deliriously soft).
3 balls of Reynolds 3-ply bulky alpaca.
5 balls of Reynolds 3-ply bulky alpaca. I'm thinking over overdying this a darker blue and the pink a purple color.
7 balls of purple cashmerino aran (whose color I could not accurately capture, this is too red).

Remember, all of this was just $1 per ball. I also got 3 pairs of needles, size 5 and 6 US Chiagoo circs ($2 each), and a pair of 40" size 9US addi turbos ($4). Yes, I'm bragging. I also got the Stitch'n B!tch Knitter's Design Journal.

All of this is added to the yarn that my mom got for me a few weeks ago at this same place.

1 ball of pinkish(?) colored wool from Montana.

1 ball grey of the same wool as above.

And, drum roll.....

14 balls of Peruvian Collection highland chunky in a lovely navy blue color.

Then, on the day after the wedding (when I was still quite drained from the bridesmaid dress fiasco) Mom and I made our way back to Austin via Elgin (the wedding was in Bastrop) and stopped at the new little fiber mill. This was dangerous, since I was quite vulnerable in my emotionally and physically exhausted state. The fiber mill was lovely, and carried lots of local fibers, especially mohair. I ended up with approx 4 ounces (they sell it by grams) of combed superwash merino top in a lovely new growth spring green.

Then, when I got home, Amy and Allison had a surprise for me (or, a partial surprise, since I requested it and paid for it but left color choice up to them so long as it wasn't purple).

That, my friends, is a skein of Sock that Rock medium weight with no name because it's a mill end. It's pink, blue, green, and NOT PURPLE!!!

By the end of the wedding I was fairly anti-purple since the dresses I fixed (after sewing my own) were all purple. I'm slowly getting better.

Next update will contain knitting project updates and Westley news.

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