Saturday, June 12, 2010


I know I promised pictures of my positive purple socks last weekend. I took the pictures, I really did (the Monday after the weekend I promised them to you, but I took them). They are currently languishing on my camera's memory card. I had two big final projects this term, and school work trumps blogging (almost) every time.

I finished the dress. Well, mostly finished the dress. I still need to finish the armholes. But other than that it's finished. Unless I decide to unpick and resew the hem. I did get it done enough to try on for fit, and it's P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I love this dress. I'll probably end up wearing it to the rehearsal dinner next weekend. I also re-sewed the crotch seam in a pair of wrap pants that I got on sale at the fair trade shop downtown, and now they fit great, too. I'd have worn them today, but then I thought about the logistics of tie on pants and air plane bathrooms, and went with jeans.

As for knitting, I've got a good start on the Scoop Neck Pullover from fall 2009 Interweave Knits going, but I left it at home (wool knitting was not what I wanted for this coming week). I'm using Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran in a deep magenta color. It feels lovely knitted up. This morning I started Percy (ravelry link) in Arucania Lonco (the purple cotton that I got at Yarn Garden a few weeks ago. It's coming along nicely now, though I did have a rocky start and seem to mess up every third pattern row. It might not have been the *best* choice for plane knitting, but I chose it and I'm sticking with it.

If you haven't guessed from my hints, I'm traveling. I'm actually posting this from the Phoenix airport (hence no pictures, too much hassle to pull everything out of my carry-on). I'm heading to my parent's house for a week and a half because my brother is getting married on the 21st. And I'm not traveling alone, either. Westley is laying very calmly in his carrier next to me on the airport seats. He's done marvelously today in the car and on the plane. He was such a good boy going through security, too. Just sat in my arms and watched what was going on around us. I'm a little worried that he might be getting dehydrated (I gave him wet food last night and this morning to boost his moisture intake in preparation). I've tried to give him water but he's not having it. I'm betting he'll sleep good tonight. I'm hoping he'll sleep good tonight, because I'd like to sleep good tonight, and the two are directly related.

Well, I just checked and my flight is delayed by about 25 minutes. I guess I'll pull out Percy and get some more work done when my ears aren't popping and I'm not being elbowed by a too close seat neighbor.

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