Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where'd My Life Go?

It's been a while since I last posted. This, sadly, has been due less to a lack of time to post and more to a lack of time to knit. I got about 3 hours of knitting time in for this entire week. Between school reading, getting the ball rolling for my thesis, having the most bizarre work schedule I've ever had, and a couple of anxiety events, there hasn't been much brain power for knitting. It doesn't help that every time I clean up my apartment, I turn around once and it's a mess again (especially those ungrateful, never ending dishes). Since I have no room to escape the mess (I've only got the one rectangle) I feel compelled to clean instead of knit.

As a result, my Vintage Pink Sweater progress has slowed dramatically. I've gotten 11 inches total knitted on the back, and I've put the stitches on a holder while I knit the right front piece.
I want to make sure this sweater isn't too long, and so I need to knit the piece with the fancy cable pattern on it to know how much I need to shorten the other pieces. I started the right front at knitting on Wednesday, and then worked on it for a short span today. I've got probably an inch done. I have been using a lovely set of HiyaHiya bamboo needles on the front ribbing, and I'm loving the way the yarn slides effortlessly over them. I'm becoming more and more dissatisfied with my Boye Interchangeables as the years go on.

In other news, I thought my toaster was toast this week, but it turns out it just needed a time out. I figured this out after I got home from buying a new one, but it's still sealed up so I'll bring it back tomorrow.

There are now only two weeks left of the outdoor Artisan's Market. This past week I did fairly well. I sold the Mardi Gras Moebius Shawl, which means I should take it off my website. Not that my website gets used as anything other than a waste of my time and energy, but still. Miracles could happen. I also sold two pair of (unphotographed) earrings, and my frineds from Salem came down and treated me to lunch. They've been off traveling, so we haven't seen each other in a while, and it was nice to catch up.

Oh, I almost forgot (because I'm actively blocking the memory). I did, last week, knit a short scarf out of Lion Brand Fancy Fur. If it doesn't sell in the next two weeks, I'm giving it to charity.
This only took me a couple of hours to knit, and I only knit on it at home, because I'm a little ashamed of it. I titled it "I Sold Out Scarf" on Ravelry. But hey, I got the yarn from a friend who couldn't stand to look at it, so the only thing I've got invested in this is a little bit of time. And a small piece of my soul.

Other than that, I've got nothing left to report today. As soon as I can get some pictures done (which will require some hard-core cleaning off of my bed) I'll have a couple more things for show and tell.

Unitl then, keep knitting, and stay tuned for another Day in the Life.

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