Monday, February 4, 2013

One Whole Month

I really, really need to build blogging into my weekly habits. I've managed to accomplish quite a bit since last time I posted, so this might get long.

First, I have several new finished projects. In no particular order...

I have finished, for all intents and purposes, my Foxtrot Gloves in Abstract Fibers Super Sock, colorway Koi Pond. I still need to do the little belts, but I'm having creative differences with the pattern so I called them done, as they're wearable.

I made a Bedknobs + Broomsticks cowl as a Stash shop sample. The yarn is Seda Rustica by Knit One Crochet Too, and it's 70/30 silk/baby llama.

I made a modified pair of Optimistic Mitts for a swap partner. I used Cascade 220 and ceramic buttons by One of a Kind.

I also put a bonus heart on palm of the right mitt.

I used leftover Abstract Yarns Super Sock in dragonfly for this little heart.

Just this past weekend I finished the 2 ounces of carbonized bamboo that I started spinning during TDF 2011.

I ended up with 336 yards of a heavy lace weight yarn. I still need to set the twist. I'm going to make a lovely lace summer cowl with this yarn, to showcase the remarkable drape of the fiber.

Also on Saturday I finally found the special deal that allowed me to upgrade my spinning wheel. I am now the proud spinner with a Lendrum wheel, complete with 4 bobbins, lazy kate, high speed flyer, and jumbo plying head and bobbin.

Last night I started spinning some Dicentra BFL that's been in my stash for several years, and it's just flying along. And the best part? My back doesn't hurt during or after spinning on the Lendrum. It's like magic. My new wheel's name is Benedict, Benny for short.

As for other WIPs, I'm crocheting a Lace Infinity Scarf for another shop sample using Twisted Sisters Essentials (60/40 hemp/silk) and I'm knitting Mythos in Elann Peruvian Baby Silk (80/20 alpaca/silk). I don't have pictures currently of these, but when I do I will be sure to share them here.

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