Saturday, June 23, 2012

Black Sheep!

Have you any wool?

Today I went down to Black Sheep Gathering Fiber Festival (BSG) for a couple of hours and had so much fun.

My main objective was to buy a Jenkins hand made Turkish drop spindle. I got a Delight that weighs 30g/1.05oz. It is very well balanced and spins beautifully. The whorl is pink ivory, and it was the only one of this wood that he had out.

The wood is really, truly, and naturally that color.

I went with a friend, and after I procured my spindle we wandered the festival. We stopped in and saw the lovely women at the Stash Local booth, and kind of wandered aimlessly after that. I came across the same booth where I procured silk mawata last year and found another that I liked.

I haven't weighed it yet, but there should be enough to keep me busy.

We also made sure to go see the animals, because what's BSG without the S? This handsome merino fellow was obliging enough to pose for a photo.

We didn't stay long, for several reasons, but on our way out we stopped by Boho Knitter Chic Spins booth and I fell in love with one of her beautiful smooth batts.

It has merino, bamboo, bombyx silk, and angelina (sparkle).

After I got home I pulled out a small batt I've had for a while and started spinning on my new spindle. So far I've spun 12g of fiber.

It's so easy to spin on this little thing.

So, my evening plans are to tuck in, watch a movie, and work on spinning up the second 12g of this fiber.

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