Monday, September 26, 2011


I'd like to introduce Abbie, the little Goth kiwi. I finished her last Thursday, and on Friday she joined me for a day at work.

We walked in to work, and on the way we stopped to enjoy some lovely late summer flowers.

We stopped to admire some of the Pinwheels for Peace.

Then we walked in to campus, since I'm now working in the library.

Abbie wanted to push the button in the elevator.

When we got in to work, Abbie was impressed by the dual monitor display, and by my choice in wallpaper.

I appointed Abbie as Work Sheriff to make sure I stayed on task.

Abbie thought I needed some help doing my work.

All that work made us very hungry, so we stopped for lunch. I had red beans and rice, Abbie had yummy little tomatoes.

After lunch we went down to a software training for Drupal.

Abbie helped me make my trial web page.

On our way out of the library, after work ended, Abbie wanted to stop for a picture with some dead guy.

Then I got Abbie to pose with the goofy beaver welcoming the new students to the library.

Then it was time to go home, and Abbie was ready.

After a short argument, Abbie rode in the basket and I rode the bike*.

My new laptop came, and Abbie was there to make sure it was up to spec.

We didn't have much time, though, because we met friends for dinner. Abbie really liked the sweet potato tots.

After that we went to bed. I'm sure there will be more adventures with Abbie in the future, she really likes going out and having them.

*for the astute, yes I did walk in and then rode a bike home. I had to run home (almost literally) in the middle of the day and so I rode back in to save time.

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