Saturday, July 30, 2011

Knits on a Train

Here's a brief recap of yesterday's Awesome Adventure of Awesomeness.

It started at the Albany train station

where I boarded the north bound train.

This was my first time traveling by train, and I rather enjoyed it. Instead of dealing with traffic and stress, I had a lovely and productive trip.

After about two hours I arrived at my destination: Sock Summit 2011! First thing I met up with Jocelyn.

The train was late, but I managed to catch the line and achieve one of my primary SS goals.

This was then succeeded by an ever bigger geek moment of win.

That's me with Lucy Neatby.

And that's me with THE Yarn Harlot.

After these two big events of Awesome, Jocelyn and I had a lovely lunch and catch up. I miss her since she moved to Portland.

After lunch I was on my own for shopping, and so I hit the market. I saw everything, but the long months of fiber diet practice and training, I wasn't tempted by the massive overload of pretties. I stayed within my planned budget (hurray for cash!) and got things that I really like.

Yarn for a sweater, the first JazzKnitting book, a cone of Habu linen steel, and my SS11 official button.

After I was done spending I hung around, ran into friends, knit, watched a rigid heddle loom demonstration, and waited. Why? Well for one thing my return train didn't depart until 6:15, but my collection of pictures was incomplete. So I waited for classes to end so that I could get one final picture.

That's me with Franklin Habit.

By this time I was very tired, so after one last hop through the sockgate

I got my dinner (Subway), and headed back to Union Station

where I boarded the train and came home.

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