Monday, June 20, 2011

May Socks

Yes, I know it's June, but these were supposed to be the May socks, and I did start them in May. I actually finished the first sock in May. The following pictures are of the second sock, that should be completed with enough time to start the June socks while it's still actually June.

Here's my sock while I was visiting the coastal tide pools on June 9th.

Here it is later that day at the Devil's Punchbowl (low tide). I love that these socks move fast when I actually knit on them.

This is a rather strange webcam photo taken today during some downtime at an orientation conference that is part of my summer job. If I'm really good I might be able to finish the leg of the sock by the end of the orientation (tomorrow involves a bus trip to and from Portland).

Part of the reason why this sock is taking longer than it's mate is because I finished up being a Master's student.

I've also started my new job that lasts through the summer. If I'm on my game I'll try to get some photos of what's going on as the summer progresses. My part is fairly mundane (TA for the online segment) but there will be neat stuff going on in my vicinity.

I don't have a current photo of my Hempathy top. I've got hung up on it (there are too many stitches on the front panel). When I get that sorted out I'll put up pictures.

That's all for now. I'm really going to work on posting more frequently this summer. Stay tuned for more reports form a day in my life.

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