Monday, January 17, 2011

Twice in One Month!

I finally finished one of my projects left over from 2010!! Last night I bound off for my Valium Bandit. I don't have pictures yet, though, because I need to block it, which requires a soak in the washer, which is tied at the moment. I'll post pictures of that once it's dry.

I've also made progress on two of my sewing projects. First my coat, which now needs only the sleeves hemmed and the buttons sewn on, and second my brown and teal dress, which only needs the arm hole finishing.

My NaKniSweMo sweater is next, assuming I can find the !!!!!! two balls of yarn that I bought extra to finish it off. Luckily I know where they aren't, due to an ill conceived notion to air out my stash.

I think I've decided that this is roughly 2/3 of my stash, but there is a distinct possibility that it's more like 1/2. Also, it's very hard to get my whole bed in the frame due to lack of space issues in here.

For this pictures, I cleared out my storage ottoman. But if you ask Westley, I cleaned it out for a different reason.

And finally, I learned a new technique at my ASG meeting on the 8th: sashiko (a style of Japanese embroider). It was even a hands on meeting.

I did that during the meeting. I usually hate hand sewing, but this was lots of fun. So much so that I got a book from the library and have traced out my next design.

Cause I needed another hobby.

I've even worked on my thesis, and have more work scheduled. So far 2011 is off to a positive start. Until next time be safe, keep warm, and stay tuned.

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