Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

So I told you last night that it was snowing. A little while after that post I took the following picture.

Those thin white streaks against the darkness are more snowflakes falling. When I got up this morning, the same view from my front door yielded this:

It's not even Thanksgiving and already it's a winter wonderland out there. So I decided that we'd celebrate it. After a 9am conference call in my pajamas and a very warm shower, I hooked the Dread Pirate Roberts up to his leash and carried him outside.

We were only outside for about five minutes. I could tell Westley was cold, but he didn't want to go back inside. *Sigh* sometimes it's so hard to be a little kitty.

With all this snowing it's nice to have something(s) wool on the needles. I'm sort of still working on my Valium Bandit (so named because I started it when I had a pinched nerve/muscle spasm in my neck that required a short ER visit and a prescriptions for Valium).

This is being made out of Cascade Pastaza (50 wool/50 llama) that I got at Goodwill (3 skeins for $5).

The other big project I've got going is my NaKniSweMo Challenge. That's National Knit a Sweater in a Month. I'm knitting Debbie Bliss' Shawl Collared Jacket (aka Alex) in Peruvian Highland Chunky from Elann.com.

So far I've done both sleeves, the back, and the left front (in that order). The right front has been cast on. I might make it.

And finally, at the special request of my mom, a final picture of the snow, Westley, and me. Sorry it looks a little odd, I had to tweak in in photoshop. Because of all the white, and the glare, and the timer, the photo was a little over exposed and washed out, but it was actively snowing and Westley wasn't up for multiple tries. But hey, I got him to look at the camera, so I count it as a win.

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